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The Crescent

Project type

Urban Design Studio Final Project


December 2023


Austin, TX

“The Crescent” aims to provide green connections from surrounding greenbelts, bringing park systems through the site’s currently industrial context, thus bridging the gaps between industry, housing, and open space.
This is accomplished by creating a system of courtyards whose respondent housing blocks morph and shape to the site's current industries while framing its new open space network and adding space for new programs. This generates an idea of coexistence amongst the typologies and establishes a montage of program and open space.
Its foremost notable design feature comes in the form of a central corridor ending in a viewport to the river and new accompanying park land, giving land back to the river, and respect to the previously neglected riverside of this site. Secondly, in identifying a variable typology to exist in between industrial and housing programs, a mediator between life and commerce.
By merging these two ideas, the resultant design is one that accommodates all types of programs and lifestyles, where housing, light industry, commerce, and parkland, can exist together in perfect symbiosis.

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