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Avenel Housing Project

Project type

Historical Case Study of Housing




Los Angeles, California

The Avenel Cooperative Housing Project is located in Los Angeles, California. It was built in 1947 and designed by architect Gregory Ain. The project consists of ten total units split into two rows of five, stretching the length of the tract, perpendicular to Avenel Street. The lot is also subject to sloping topography following Avenel Street, this allows for the two rows of units to be further separated, as the Northern most line of units sits higher than its counterpart. There are ten garage stalls located on Avenel Street, tucked under the front two units. The units lie at a 15-degree angle to the lot lines and are staggered in relation to each other creating a sawtooth pattern. Each of the five units are connected by an open-air single loaded corridor as well as semi-private back terrace spaces. The corridor was raised several steps up from the street level. The entrance to each residence were found on the southwest side of the corridor and there was a solid retaining wall on the opposite that was roughly three-quarters the height of a unit.

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